Chapter 11


Maintenance Matters

Personal Brand development is wasted if maintenance is not also part of the process. It is like putting all your effort into creating a great first impression but the next time someone encounters you they receive a completely different impression because you have not put strategies and systems in place to make your communication consistent. You will sabotage and damage your reputation and any trust you had previously started to develop.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

It is widely acknowledged that adult learning is most successful when the person has a clear vision and goal and takes ownership of the lesson, hence the importance of, and reason for, including the chapter on values, personality and purpose. Considering that you are the CEO or leader of your own life, the process of becoming a successful integrated human being is the same as becoming a successful business leader. Leaders are made, not born and created more by themselves than by any external means. Therefore, having some understanding of your own learning style, goals and resources available will be part of the process.

At the beginning of this book I discussed that personal brand management was an ongoing journey or project, not a set-and-forget list of tasks. So now, pause and take a moment to consider all the topics we have reviewed in this book along with the notes that you have made along the way.  Now that you have had a chance to explore the various aspects involved, it is time to put some structure around how you will maintain your own personal brand.

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